Friday, November 16, 2012

It IS Coming : A message from the Greator / Source

It IS Coming
By Source thru Hazel
Nov 12, 2012 - 11:56:09 PM

It IS Coming -Source/Greator/The Father in Heaven/ Universal Father

thru Hazel

I will give you a few words to assuage your hunger and placate your spirit. I AM present- your Source. What will it take to convince you that the time of revelation is at hand? The works of God are mighty yet seldom explicable to the human understanding. GOD may be ONE but must address ALL. Every finite concern must be resolved before action is taken. You require a time frame yet I say to be prepared. What does that tell you?

Focus your mind on being prepared at the level of the heart and soul for this shall bring further awakening to broaden your awareness and understanding. You speak of matters of ascension. Is that what is happening to your world? Dear ones your world is being reborn- re-birthed.

I AM saying that she must be cleaned and purified first and foremost. Only then can she sustain the vibratory changes that will cosmically align her with her divine fragment. You seem to think that she will just rise and things will remain in the same situ. That is not so. Her cleansing will be prolific. She will rise from the ashes of the destruction man has wielded upon her, but she will be cleansed first. What does this say to you?

Your earth will have heavy movements during this cycle and deluge of waters will cover the plains. It would better suit you to prepare for this instead of waiting for a fallacious date to materialise what you desire. I say that there will be major earth, movements on your world and some catastrophe before the anticipated changes ensue. Know that you are in the times of great change. Your world will have a bit if a shake-up before things begin to change.

Michaels’ plans have not changed, HE is simply allowing the ‘chips to fall where there may’ for a moment and HE has his reasons.

I simply ask you to go with the flow now and spend your days involved in constructive matters. You do not need to know all the ‘ins and outs’. Simply trust.

I AM your Source.