Sunday, October 28, 2012



WE ARE GOING DARK SHORTLY, when the notice has served its purpose in full.

By Papa Source thru Johan
Oct 29, 2012 - 11:51:04 PM
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My Dearly Beloved Children of the Light,

I AM Papa Source.

I will keep this short and sweet My Beloveds.

A while ago I left you the news that My Son Christ Michael of Nebadon could call forth the hour for all to see. I come to confirm and announce THAT HAS BEEN CALLED FORTH NOW.

As you read through another already, WE DO WELCOME YOU PER NOTICE AND INVITATION TO THE GRAND FINALE. As My Creator Son, Christ Michael already told this scribe this morning that all orders had gone out to curfew and curtail those who thought to harm others upon the first sign of a darkening Sun, now I come to confirm that and further insist : YOUR HOMECOMING IS BEEN PREPARED, READIED AT FULL AND AWAITING YOU. It might not be palaces yet, but you sure will know the difference with your present situations when all comes to pass.

Enjoy the sun in its full glory as you will wish you did, when it is not the case for a very short while. Make sure your Inner Battery is full of Divine Light, so you can shine in the darkness since although only for a short while, but Light Houses will be in great demand. May all Blessings be upon you as you deserve and be happy to know, WE ARE GOING DARK SHORTLY, when the notice has served its purpose in full.

Again, I love you ALL, as does my Son, Your Sovereign and may our Blessings Be Upon You All as much as you can take by your own merit.

Papa Source, I AM.

Love and Light,