Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Master S.Germain : Bring it On


Bring it On

Politics is now a distraction from love. Who the best candidate is will depend on your own mental attitude. Who will win has no connection to who is to be the next leader. My comments now are to tell you that there is no way that an election in the free world can be fair. Any man who is called into the arena of collective collaboration with a group of dictators goes with the awareness of his most difficult task to be done: do what they tell him. Mr. Obama was not naive, nor was Mr. McCain. Both knew full well their choices would not be their own.

Mr. Romney was not the controllers first choice, nor was his running mate, as these two don't totally understand that their next duties are to dissolve all of their own conditions to go along with the controllers. Both go along now thinking they can be less in collaboration after the election. Should they win, they can congratulate themselves on moving against the controllers agenda. But this is only one step away from what is now happening, because the controllers cannot allow them to deter the most elaborate drama to go into manifestation ever designed. They cannot get away from this design, only decide to go along because it is too materialized to be disturbed. What will become of the controllers design is only on hold in the moment—in the appearance of cooperation, but no alterations to the larger game will be made.

Debt is the one way to downsize this entire growth in consumption goal that has destroyed all countries in the leadership of the controllers. All of the European Union, Egypt and the other Middle Eastern countries, Morrocco, Algeria and Nigeria are under the controller's dominion. In America, both the US and South America are completely dominated. Cuba and all other non-controlled countries will not be considered a threat to this dominion because of their lack of dictator control in these areas—no, they can do their dance without any uncooperative leaders in opposition. Other countries that are totally controlled are in Asia and the Pacific countries near the land of North Korea and China, but neither of these two countries are in their control, they are only being used by the controllers to achieve their objectives.

Russia is on the brink of controller demise, as they have many legs deep into the world of finance.
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