Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Events - Dates - Delays

Monjoronson Speaks....
Your frustration with delays as you perceive them is an ingrained emotional response
you have developed to allow you to inhabit this lower frequency existence. It feels that something is wrong because the sequence of events has upset your mental understanding of what makes rational sense to you. As lightworkers you must learn how to be balanced and flexible within this spiritual flux and find ways to express this fluidity to others who have a more focused, sequential perception

Archturians Says.....

It is vital that you trust your instincts and listen to what you hear inside. Doubt will be your worst enemy for it is an open door to fear. Therefore, our dear Ascending One, can you allow yourself to trust what you have heard inside?
In fact, you have been totally trusting your information and dispensing it for all to see. However, this message is different because it is something that can be proved wrong. This could be yet another false alarm. How many times have you heard from others that Disclosure would happen at a given date?
However, we did not say anything about Disclosure, nor did we give any date. Furthermore, have you ever gained the information about our landings inside of yourself before? No, you did not. Therefore, there are many unique elements to this situation that you have not experienced before.
Most unique of all is that you have no fear. You also have no excitement. In fact, you have no real emotions about your message. However, there is a low-grade discomfort that is intermingled with a feeling of hope and distant joy. Dare you believe that it could really happen? Dare you believe that all that you have worked on for over 40 years could finally be coming to pass?