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Earth Changes & Ascension Plan for Planet Earth : Creator Son CHRIST MICHAEL ATON

Creator Son CHRIST MICHAEL ATON/Sovereign of the Local Universe of Nebadon
Earth Changes & Ascension Plan for Planet Earth

Gaia Portals - Energy
The Many Hats of Christ Michael - By Candace Frieze, and Christ Michael

Christ Michael: Hello my friends, this bodacious day! All is going well

behind the scenes. I make this comment only because I know you have inquiring

minds! But that is not what I want to discuss today.

Back during the

First Coming, I did indeed experience the sorrow of the peoples of this planet,

very first hand, experientially. When I left that incarnation, on the Cross, I

not only took my required rapid ascension journey, as described in Urantia to

sit at the Right Hand of the Father, I stayed in the Central Universe for a time

to review what I had observed in person. In my good conscience I could not let

this planet go, nor could I put its care into the hands of another, and delegate

the work.

I knew I would return to make right of the wrongs, personally.

So we thought, considered, stewed as you do, about the problems and what must be

done. We have the ability to draw up scenarios a bit faster and we drew up many.

Then we chose from what seemed like the best to choose from. We created in

thought, but it was necessary to return and do the work within the realm, in

"3D," in life.

So I am here again, in life, in a body. We were also

going to handle the end of the galactic wars, so I did choose to wear the hat of

a commander of a star fleet, of a portion of the mighty Ashtar command. I

desired to have this experience also. Creator Sons don't tend to command star

fleets. And it was a perfect way to handle the situation of my return.

It provided a method of returning but not identifying myself as who I

am, thus the Hatonn space commander image. We do have to use stealth, in this

work. Had I come as Christ Michael, I would have been a far greater threat, and

they would have harmed all of you, in a serious way, those who have come to

participate with me, and made this much more difficult. Obviously to be born a

babe was not going to work, they would have killed most of the human race trying

to kill me, remember the story of Herod?

I did not plan the Phoenix

Journals before I came that occurred later. We made the decision to publish many

materials as part of the teaching mission. The Conversation with God books are

an example, by Buddha, through Neale Donald Walsch. There are many other

teaching methods of course also.

There was much nonsense going on to

confuse the light workers, as you have experienced. The Medical establishment

was not doing the right thing either. I chose to write the Journals, with the

help of others in this project, to get correct teaching about the Khazars out,

correct teaching of the political scene behind your backs, correct teaching

relating to medicine, science and a huge variety of other topics.

Had I

taught as Christ Michael in these works, the first one would have not ever even

gotten printed. The disguise was very important. A space commander is less

threatening to them. They figured, with their hiding of the presence of the Star

People from the populace that people would simply not read the books. And that

happened to a significant degree.

I experienced the writing of many

people who wrote to us, that I was myself the antichrist. Some of these were

BBB&G's trying to discredit the works, others people in confusion and

unknowing. I was eventually run out of the country, I stopped the works, for the

protection of you. Times were heating up, in the war against good ole Hatonn.

You know that some of the Phoenix Journals were banned.

I will add a

comment, that as you journey, you also make known any more unknowns to the

Father, through your experiences. And today, even in the dealing with Candace's

issues, intertwined with the games of the CIA, you are all both having what is

known by the Father made known to you, and in this extremely rare experiment in

the Universes of Space and Time, you are making known to the Father, something

that has been unknown, by this very different method of coming out of a box, by

a Creator Son.

Candace: The above comments were made in reference

to the concept we had been discussing, not included here. As Ascending Sons, and

having Thought Adjusters, (Father Fragments) we are given to learn all the

Father knows, and as experiencing Ascending Sons, we continue to make known

also, the unknown.

Christ Michael: You have all agreed to come to

the planet, any one of you reading this, or you are a more experienced Earth

Soul, choosing this time to be part of this extremely unusual journey with me.

We are all working together, Two or More in My Name, to mend this planet, and

restore through my Correcting Time, where she ought more to be at this point in

her history. We are not only correcting the Time, through this joint experience,

we all are together, even myself, the Creator Son, greatly adding to our

combined experience, learning on a bigger learning curve, making known the


At the conclusion of this mighty project, together we will have

made greater progress in our knowledge, our experiential learning than had we

adjudicated the rebellion of Lucifer with massive arrests, and rapidly putting

an end to it. I chose to let it to go through to a natural end. Despite that

some might disagree with this, to this end, we together are making known the

unknown to the Father, and as I look back at my 300 Billion years in Nebadon,

and my theorem I set out to test, I would do it all over again. It is no longer

a theorem, it is now known.

Now, that comment made, lets return. Some of

you in the Teaching Mission have been pondering "Sananda," and wondering if

Sananda was the personalized Thought Adjuster that I came to the planet with.

The answer is no, Sananda is an Ascending Son of God, with a long history in

Nebadon. He is a Kumara, a group of beings originating long ago in Lyra, and who

successfully got themselves out a matrix, that kept them there with Weapons of

Mass Destruction, besides the mind control method used to control a planetary

people by enslaving races.

And they did it, without assistance such as

Earth is receiving now, and without heavy weaponry. I will not use the time here

to teach that, because Sananda is to do that himself, having experienced it personally

Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara
Sananda is Immanuel Esu Kumara, only son of Sanat Kumara. Sanat

Kumara was Planetary Logos until around 20 years ago, and returned to Venus,

where his offices are, and his home, as he became Solar Logos, of your solar

system. He was replaced by Lord Buddha, the same Buddha that came around 500

years before I did, and who is the author of the Conversation of God Books, with

Neale Donald Walsch.