Monday, September 10, 2012

Creator Son CHRIST MICHAEL of Nebadon on Earth's Unique Role - Part 2 -

Creator Son CHRIST MICHAEL of Nebadon on Earth's Unique Role - Part 2 -

Creator Son CHRIST MICHAEL ATON/Sovereign of the Local Universe of Nebadon
 Christ Michael ATON on Earth's Unique Role  -14 November 2006
These times you speak of are troublesome and unpredictable. The Dark, as you call it, is primed for a last gasp stand off with us/me, and our best efforts to convince them otherwise are to no avail. This will come down to a show-down, I'm afraid. You ask me why this has to happen since I am God Creator of this Universe. It is because I gave you the opportunity to create this resistance to my Will. This is a grand experiment on so many levels you still can't comprehend. The Dark was allowed to take over because I wanted to see how you would learn to cope with it. It had never happened before in this type of scenario, and I convinced you all to come here to battle against this reversal of my original intentions.
That is a dichotomy in itself. My intention was not to have the Dark take over, but once it did, I felt that the future of creation would be better served by allowing you to figure out how to deal with this threat. There are no more Creator Sons being created and it is my plan to have the best Ascending Sons train here to become worthy new Creator Sons of the new Universes at present being formed out in the Gread Void. You all are exceeding my expectations. The Galaxies throughout the Multiverses are paying close attention to your struggles and your successes. You are learning about situations that are unique, and your solutions are providing vast new archives of information that others can use in similar situations if something of this magnitude happens again. It is unlikely that anything similar will ever take place again, however, because you have explored the parameters in this situation with such depth that there is not much more to be learned from it. That is why I say you are wonderful Ascending Sons. You have dealt with a particularly troublesome issue and come through the dark with patience and insight. Patience gives you breadth of thought, and insight comes from thinking broadly. Mother Earth is going ahead with her letting loose with changes. She has withheld her Earth Changes for almost too long to help you all get to the point you have reached. Now that you are home again with us, she is free to change as she sees fit. Once again I tell you that these Changes are such that the geography of the Earth will change. There is no way the physical embodiment of Mother Earth's consciousness can continue the way it is when she herself is bursting through to a new awareness and understanding of her role in the Ascension process. She has determined to take you with her, and this in itself is a remarkable decision for her to make. She is being as careful as she can to preserve your comfort zones and the places you are drawn to for your own work.

Christ Michael ATON - 30 December 2006: I have never said since the days of the Phoenix Journals that Earth would need an Evacuation. Your - that is, Mankind's - progression in awareness and willingness to accept the Light we are shining on you and Earth in ever increasing amounts has made this Plan a non-issue at this time. You have proved that you can weather the storms that must inevitably come as Mother Earth Gaia re-shapes herself to make her own guise able to accommodate the Changes she eagerly anticipates. Many of the present inhabitants will not be able to go with her. That is true. Many of the present inhabitants will not be able or willing to adjust to the increasingly higher frequencies of Light and energy that are bombarding Earth from your Sun and from the Central Sun of your System and Universe. The alignment is occurring on a Galactic scale, and the changes that will come from this are incomprehensible to your present understanding. This will be, however, a marvelous and miraculous undertaking that will take Earth with it as the glowing jewel I had always intended her to be. I use the feminine gender because she is the receiver of all the glory and power I wish to send her. She nurtures Man and all that is on her. She is the Mother of all that are connected with her. This timeframe that everyone bandies about is fluid. It is all contingent on how Man and all the players in this scenario choose to shape the movement towards the "Light and Life" that have been determined to be the outcome. This end result is the outcome that everything is moving towards. There is no one way to get there. There are millions of possible outcomes that can be used as links in the chain of movement towards the final goal of Ascension and realization of your true self and complete purpose. You are here on Earth as a test and an experiment to learn much that others will never have the opportunity to learn. This is a unique situation that will be the breeding ground for many new Creator Sons who will in turn shape other Universes to explore their own ideas of relationship with the Creator Source. That was my purpose in creating Nebadon. I wanted to explore the relationship that Duality proposes. I wanted to see how Beings could be separate from their Source and find their way back. What a wonderful success I have had, although the route here has never been mapped out beforehand. The time now is for closure on the past and a moving into a new phase of your existence. Yet, this shift will not be an instant change. I want to see how you resolve your issues. I want to see how you take our help and create your own methods. I want to see you be Co-creators with me. I have created you, and now I want you to learn to create as well. There will be nothing more that I will be able to guide you to. This may take what seems an infinitely long time to you, but it will be only a minute in Eternity. The method we will use is this: there will be an announcement soon. The Banking debacle is almost resolved. It can go no further. There are no more alternatives. The Government changes are in place and ready to go once the existing Government relinquishes its ill-gotten grasp on control. This scenario has been complicated beyond your wildest imagining, and the results we now have accomplished have been global and complete. The first has become last, because of the delays they have contrived, and America will emerge from its dream of unawareness as the last step in the process. Once this is accomplished, the door will open to the Galaxy. Visitors from everywhere will come to see what has happened and offer their help in making the changes that must occur on the physical Planet. The Tectonic Plates must stabilize, and volcanic eruptions will take place. We see no purpose at this point in delaying this occurrence. Earth must adjust herself in the way she can. She has accommodated Man longer than she had a right to, and now Man must accommodate her. We will do whatever we can to ameliorate these major upheavals, but there is no way to prevent them. There will be a time of chaos and disaster, to your way of thinking, before the way is clear for true Ascension to "Light and Love". We will warn you of these events, but there will be many who disregard our warnings. Many will choose to leave Earth. Many will choose to stay to help. This is all determined by your individual life path. I will stress, however, that those who choose to stay will find ways to do so, and the rewards they find will be an accurate compensation for their decision to invest their life purpose in this unfolding