Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MELCHIZEDEC ~ Disclosure and Ascension,2 important events... Which one is the most important for You?

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MELCHIZEDEC ~ Disclosure and Ascension,2 important events... Which one is the most important for You?
My Beloved Ones,

Greetings, I Am Melchizedek and I am most pleased to welcome you today. I am on my way to a very important meeting on behalf of all humanity which will bring huge changes on a worldwide scale. As you have been informed recently through numerous channelings, Disclosure is approaching and we know full well what is to be done now. Because of our close cooperation with our Galactic Brothers, who are your Brothers also, we of the Spiritual Hierarchy are presently actively involved in the finalization of this enormous project to bring it to fruition on your Earth.

As Disclosure is so imminent you will at last begin to experience the enormous changes that this project will bring about on your world. This will be a “biggie” so don’t be frightened; this event will turn your world and your worldviews upside down in a manner of speaking. You will get to know the real Truth and you will observe the old regime collapsing in on itself as you have withdrawn your faith in it. That old regime has run its course and is making way for the new and enlightened paradigm of your New World. We move upwards to Ascension and the project of Disclosure is intrinsically a part of it. The Disclosure part of Ascension will establish a lot of changes and will elevate the degree of humanity’s consciousness level. Ascension is, as I have already stipulated, very imminent and can not be overlooked ; no matter what happens, all will proceed as Divinely
Since the so-called and self-proclaimed leaders remain deaf to your request and demand for freedom and Disclosure,we now take the reins in that respect and this is an assistance to you. You are all equal and the notion of leadership, of 1 person placing him/herself above all others, is alien to God. Leadership is a facet of ego-involvement and is founded on despair. Just continue on with your Ascension process and we will continue to work on announcing the Presence of the Galactic Civilizations. It is finally all about Ascension! You will be notified of the news and the announcement of Disclosure in your NOW moment, believe me, you will not miss it
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