Friday, August 24, 2012

Master S.Germain : Confidence is The Way


Confidence is The Way

The manifestation of caring for all of God's creations is the answer to all of
life's difficulties, so why can't man include this into his mental decisions?
Nothing matters more than this.

Once greed is annihilated there will only
be caring left, so man has arranged to collapse the entire corporate dynasty
that demands all and gives nothing away unless there is a tax deduction.
Eliminate greed now, you will be able to live without these corporate dictators.
Meditate to lighten the matrix of materialization, because this will deliver the

No man can manage disharmony by himself. Coming together is
not only a wise choice, it will be absolutely essential to get through hard
times. Fighting will continue for many, but those who do care about man's world
will do loving things without getting out guns and destroying themselves or
those around them. However, guns do deter and having them may keep others away
who don't care about your desire to live in a caring way. They can drain you of
all that you need to live.

Passivity will not keep them from attacking,
but a most challenging demeanor can. Walk and talk with confidence without being
cocky. Interest in you as a target will be less. Solve your own confidence
issues now. You will need charm as well as grace to deliver the message "don't
mess with me."

Courage and confidence are not the same. Courage means
there is a deep rooted fear inside that cannot be overcome without taking a step
towards what is feared. Confidence is greater than courage because no fear
exists to be overcome. Those who are afraid must add courage to their
capabilities. Becoming courageous is the first step to

Contemplate this: when the days of darkness begin, those who
have confidence can get out of their living dilemmas because new conditions will
become available to them. Only confidence will call these to them. Clearing the
way to confidence will advance those who do. Others will crumble and need
assistance. The confident ones can assist.

Settling into an acceptance
mode is necessary. Stillness inside is the most causative method of garnering
confidence. Sorting out the leaders will be action based. Can you act when
afraid? Are you afraid of failing? If so, does it keep you from acting? What are
you afraid of? Your own abilities? Abilities are discovered when you make an
attempt, without an attempt they dissolve. Claim your abilities with an active
decision made in the moment. Rise to the occasion. It will deliver you more than
you can imagine.

Be more than one who calls to others for aid. Get into
action, for the love of God is not always meek and mild. Get your dense bodies
lighter so you can love with conviction and draw forth that love from inside of
yourself. Give an active dramatization of love by choosing direct action instead
of closing down. What does a hero do? Be a hero when the need

Suffering is only in your mind. You can be a giver of love in any
condition. Align with God's design and cancel all of your disturbing thoughts
against what God has administered. You are the divine cause of these active
dreams, so be the loving dancers in the dream, not like caged animals when
dilemmas arise. Solve the dramas in your life NOW. Settle your cause oriented
disturbances. Solve your non-aligned contradictions. Get out of man's
consciousness and into divine consciousness. Be who you actually are, and face
life with confidence in yourself and the divine light that dwells inside of

Practice dancing as a light dances. Continue dancing when the
darkness appears. When this happens, light up the planet with your love. You can
be the calm in all non-aligned activities; stay dense and you cannot be. In the
days coming we will be looking to you as an anchor of light. Can you do this? We
are counting on you. Peace and love are your very nature, claim them and do
nothing less than act on that love.

Ascended Master
Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna