Friday, August 31, 2012

End of Times :Back To Oneness

DUALITY : Light VS Darkness

DUALITY - Light vs Darkness - ,on 3D Mode or Free Wll field of experiense EARTH:
Certain issues of Duality related to Planet Earth.
1.The fall of all incarnated beings,on the lower level of the spectrum,on Earth.
2.Co-creation and the matterial world of non-reality.
3.The self-inprisonment and the stage of amnesia.
4.The illusions and the sleeping  deities .
5.New energy tense through duality-polarity.
6.Negativity and veiling of darkness.
7.Controll and dominion of dark side.
8.The visual reality created and the continuous deception of the sleeping < deities >.
9.Manipulation through evil entieties, of all aspects of human life.
10.The secret Agendas of the illuminatti and their evil masters.
11.The depopulation plan for Humanity.
12.The plan to enslave for ever the rest of humanity through genetic engeneering.
13.The end of the unholy plans,and the end of the ORION evil Empire.
14.The re-activation of light source within darkness.
15.The return of low tense dark entietes-not subjected to reseruction of light within-to the primary source, until the next Day of the CREATOR, for a new beginning.
For the people knowing,the awakened or awared ones,or the ascended ones,the fall from the higher
dimensions,to the lower level of tensity - Vibration in the whole creation,and the journey through many life times
within this 3D field of experiense,is been OUR choice and also a great challenge.
This journey..of ours,is been an adventure beyond any expectations ,more like a Sisifian efford for every one of us,searching for our lost identity in a stage of complete amnisia!!Just...think about this happening,on which voluntarily all of us ,we participated from the very beginning,and we are still participating,most of us not knowing yet, the very end of our journey!

Ascension Earth