Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Master S.Germain : Until Ascension : Time is Ending....and so chanelled messages.

Until Ascension

Continue to live as though all of my messages have no accuracy, but consider what they contain and do what you can to ascend. There is no control over my contradictions, but my accuracy is going to be denied as long as these details do not occur. The amount of time this will take is not my call, and when they do happen, not one of those listening and getting ready will be around to call attention to these messages providing advance notice. Cheerful adepts will be Ascended Masters, with no dramas or conditions to be concerned about.

Many of you will come to our dimension and dramas on Earth will call your attention. You can act as leaders to those still in the process of awakening who can ascend when they die. Saving those who have not prepared is not your responsibility. You are not their caretaker, God is. Make your own decisions and allow them theirs. Face the fact that many are not able to accept that they are divine.

Walking, talking robots do more for life than a lot of humans do. More consciousness in the human has not been proven yet—only those who are able to meditate and discover their divine aspect can live the life of an aware human. Those who consider their computer or TV more attention worthy than their own inner awareness are not actually living—they are observing. Check in to observe what your inner content contains. Are you denying your caring, aware master within? Are you alive in demonstrating mastery or only looking at the monitor and conning yourself into believing you are doing so? No master lives at a monitor all day.

Go out to meet your mirrors. Go out to be yourself. Give the "others" the opportunity to love the being they meet who they can relate to as a human, but is actually a deliverer of more awareness. Be the first to ask about them and their news, without telling them anything about yours. You can give without any acknowledgement needed. Listening is a way of giving. Ask for nothing and give whatever you can: a happy face, a chuckle, a caring way of being, a shared moment, a little drop of divine wisdom, whenever an opportunity arises. Pass on the happiness inside yourself. Practice "good deeds" without being noticed.

Presence is enough. Give that to the area where you go to work, shop, and get your entertainment. After dinner, take a walk; give the area you are in a dose of light. Bring your heart forth to free as many as possible who can be opened to their own awareness. Allow your body to be an open vessel for divine contributions, not mind contributions. Wake up the world by doing nothing by your own decision; get divine guidance all the time.

Allow one day a week for meeting new people. Go to a location or meeting area where this can occur. Self awareness as a being of light gives without any doing involved. Caring about others is generating a more than open door to them—it also brings love into their auric field. Anytime you are open and available the body is giving out light on an ongoing basis. Sharing yourself with others in this way wakes up those who want love and don't get it because of their own mental attitudes. Solving their dilemma isn't our goal, but we encourage you to give them caring empathy that can open up their mind to what can change.

Self love is what makes life great so share it with "others" so they can find it in themselves. Peace begins in ME—that means YOU and ME, because I AM in YOU, not only in your aura. I AM the TRUE SELF in your inner world.

Today's message is the answer to "what's next?" I want you all to LIVE AS A MASTER NOW! Be your authentic Self in any and all circumstances. Freedom is in your mind's attitudes, not your social conditions. Self love will lead to ascension.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna