Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Arcturians ~ We Hear Your Call ~ Dr. Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie - July 3/4, 2012

    -  We have heard your call, but many of you were too tired to hear our response...we want you to know that we respond to every call from our Ascending Ones... many of you have are having difficulty understanding how you have been feeling...The “time” is nigh and those who are awakened can feel it. You are feeling a strange mix of sorrow and joy, love and of fear, as well as excitement and foreboding. You see, our Dear Ones, you are Ascending NOW-

The Arcturians ~ We Hear Your Call ~ Dr. Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie - July 3/4, 2012
  -Beloved Returning ONES, we welcome you back into your true frequency of expression. You do not need to wait for the right “time” to ascend, for time is only a third-dimensional illusion. You can always come Home within the NOW of the ONE. Furthermore, you can “visit” Home, and then return to experience the Great Adventure of Creating New Earth.-
   -Some of you will not like this message because you will think that it is unfair that “they” get away with what they have done. Many of you will want to see them punished for their misdeeds. However, the dark ones will not be rising into the higher dimensions. Therefore, are you willing to stay behind in the reality that caused you suffering just so you can see that others suffer their consequences?
     -Just as the Ascended Master Sananda’s, then known as Jesus, final words were, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do,” you, too, will release your consciousness from its constrictive 3D form by sending unconditional love and forgiveness to those you did you harm.-

                                                        Your Arcturian Ancestors

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