Tuesday, June 12, 2012

WORDS IN WISDOM : Why Can't We All Get Along?

A Message From VERONICA

Why Can't We All Get Along?
"In the linear, energy ebbs and flows between all participants. When the energy is a good match, the consistency of the exchange creates harmony. As one might suspect, disconnecting energy often indicates a poor match.
Relationships with others while physical are an important part of soul's development. Some are obviously more dear to you than others. Those less important, often allow you to walk away from a relationship that just doesn't work.
How then does one decide what to do when the relationship is very important to the structure of your reality?
First, it is important to understand that a poor energy match has probability of improvement. It may never be a perfectly harmonious one, but there can be a reconstruction if both parties are interested. The emphasis being placed on "both parties".
Working to achieve balance in an unbalanced energy requires great focus from all. A decision to be honest, with clarity of intentions, is important. There may be sticking points that will never resolve, but the two parties may be be able to come to energetic agreement. Enough to maintain the relationship in a positive fashion is the desire here.
Secondly, learn to participate. Be active within.the relationship. Waiting for others to come toward you in a conciliatory manner may keep you waiting a long time. Decide to set your ego aside and reach out to an energy who may not be as clear as you are in the moment. In the end, it doesn't matter who wins the argument. There are no winners when the relationship is abandoned.
Third: Try thinking with your heart. Again, both parties need to be on th same page here. Often a singular attempt may be met with negativity if both parties are not engaged.
We realize we will be asked why we have not addressed the world with all its people. Certainly there is a remedy to cure the world of its troubles.
Yes, there is a remedy.
It is you.
If all begin with themselves, the energy will spread to others. A peaceful virus that the world needs begins with you.
Why not?"