Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I AM Saint Germain

Chanelled by Aruna

Asc.Master S.Germain - Lord of Civilisation

I AM Saint Germain

 My dear ones. Today's message will address the deceptive collection of drama creators who are not light. My name will be frequently used to discredit my accurate channel. When my name is used by the deceivers, they use it as a statement of their own making.

My name has never been anything other than Comte de Saint Germain. No other name comes with my energy. Violino was not my name in any country or category of heart energy in any dimension. This deceiver is making another claim to have my chelas' attention, but not a very clever one. Send him packing.

Those who claim my name often have controller agendas, causing doubt about my authentic advice. Always ask "Is this Christ consciousness?" and get a clear "Yes." When the dark tries to disguise an answer, anything besides the word "Yes" is devious. Check with your own Higher Self before continuing to read messages. Only delaying an instant to do this can avoid mental confusion. Many deceivers are doing the little game of using my name to assure you of untruthful comments. No clones are on this terra to replace the cabal, no landings have occurred, and no government officials are in communication with me.

Can you accept that what comes without any option for anything you can do to improve or change the consciousness of readers is from the controllers? Please observe this difference in the channelings you are delivered. Wanting others to fix things is not an Ascension candidate's consciousness. Ownership of your own divinity is what must alleviate these current dynamics.

When we of the Great White Brotherhood ask for your assistance it is due to the fact that choice is on your side of the veil and we must always respect that. Politics does not control anything but the cabal's ability to choose in your stead. No direct contact with any government is now in an active mode—only you can do this. You are divine creators. Up the light quotient and create more de-light in your lives. Ascend the dark and light dynamics.

When we communicate disasters coming we want you to delete them with your love. Giving, caring, meditating, choosing nothing that is out of harmony with nature, etc. can actively alter many of these. When we call on you to act like a Master we want you to manifest with your decrees. As a Master, call on the God within you to lead the way—always. No Master expects "others" to be their savior. Choose Mastery over fear and hope.

Now, another important topic to learn from me is about Ascension. It is my current conduit's assignment to deliver messages in this category. I have given you the Master Messages and this ongoing direction towards this goal. My dear ones, what I am about to tell you must be accepted or you cannot ascend.

No details about ascension that claim mental changes or a new configuration of the human body come from me. We do not tamper with minds or bodies. We inject our call to human minds in the collective mind to lead all to ascension, but never do we do anything to alter man's creation for any reason. You do not need a body to ascend. Now is the time to develop the ability to absorb more light for ascension, there is nothing going on that is more esoteric than that.

As your consciousness rises there are changes that do occur in the mind and body as you release contractions in the chakras. Spiritual practices and sudden shifts in consciousness may also activate the prana that has been dormant in the base chakra, and this can cause many mental and physical discomforts not recognized by the medical community.

We want you to have an absolutely clean ascension by making an obvious leap in consciousness, not continuing the current body in another dimension. No bodies are needed and no changes will occur in yours unless you need more ability to receive the light. No ascension alterations are coming from us. Be aware of cabal calls to keep you negative against us and the dramas being created that support your complete ascension.

Aches and pains are not ascension symptoms. They come on as a message to your mind about unconscious mental division that needs deleting, or many disturbances in the chakras that can be deleted to allow in more light. No ascension candidates are free and clear of their human genetic codes and can get dis-ease when they are not clearing contractions in the energy centers. If you have dis-ease, go to a naturopath or natural healer.

Can you see how the concept of "ascension symptoms" can make you negligent about getting help for mind/body disturbances? This is a cabal concept. Get rid of this one too. Take care of your mind and body to ascend by deleting all misaligned nuances.

Practices can aid in the ascension destination. Meditate, chant, channel, and draw or journal when your feelings need to be expressed. Be obvious in your diet choices and give up all things controlling you— like caffeine, maltodextrin ingredients, dieting compounds and all chemicals that do not give more life force to the body.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna Saint Germain