Friday, June 22, 2012

Eternal Wisdom : The Eye of the Hurricane - A Message From VERONICA

A Message From VERONICA

The Eye of the Hurricane
(You are not alone)
The dismay and frustration created by these experiences often lead to more disconnection and lack of Spirit in your life. It is necessary for you to understand that those in Spirit are always available. It is the distortion created by whatever linear actions that exist for you that give the appearance of separation.
The best way to describe it is to compare it to a storm or hurricane of events. The wind blows harder as you struggle to separate fact from fiction. As you spin out of control the sense of loss from your true spiritual identity can be devastating. The devastation can leave you vulnerable and seemingly separated from the source of creation.
If you feel this way it would be desirable to pause. Yes we said pause and realize that it is your web of physical drama that is causing all of it. Become quite and removed from th drama. Step outside the hurricane carousel of events. Recede or proceed to the eye of the hurricane (whichever phrase resonates best with you).
Once you have paused it will be easier to identify the root of the problem. allow all of the interactions, events, and un-fulfilling relationships that have been blinding you to the higher values of your true self and your spiritual guides to fall away. You have not been abandoned, merely distracted. Everyone who knows you are right there.
Those in Spirit await your pause. they have never given up hope that your attention to them would be revitalized.
Even if you feel the time has been long, to them it has been but a moment.... time being irrelevant in all Spiritual moments.
So seek "the eye" of whatever dilemma you are facing. All who love you are anxiously awaiting reunion.
You are not alone."