Friday, June 8, 2012


Ascended Master S.GERMAIN in one of his channelled messages in 2011 is explaining what the DAYS OF DARKNESS is all about.In some areas Days of Darkness can be for 3 days,and in some other areas can be from 3 days up to 7 days! The whole issue as is been degreed by the Greator,and is to be condacted by The Greator Himself,as is been decided millions of years ago.The chifting of Erth to the 5th Dimension, reguires the changing of THE PLANET,S MATRIX,meaning the complete changing of the Electomagnetic -All Energetic Fields of the Earth. NOTHING TO BE AFRAID on these Days.They advice all,just to be prepared and face it like a small Advendure!
It is stated,that there is a strong possibility,during these DAYS OF DARKNESS ,the Earth ,now located in
the outskerts of our Galaxy,to be relocated by THE ELOCHIMS ,to the center of our Galaxy,and nearer to
the CENTRAL SUN .....
It is also suggested by other sourcess,that during the Days of darkness,all forms of darkness,and dark entieties,should be removed from Earth,and All doors for EVIL,should closed and sealed for Eternity.

A. DAYS OF DARKNESS : By Asc.Master S.Germain
As chanelled by Aruna. Saturday, March 19, 2011
- I'm not asking that these days be given any
other attention than gathering light sources.-
Master S.Germain

When the days of darkness begin there will be no light from the sun. Nor will there be any days and nights to live through, only nights. Being able to light candles or have lamps that need no electric power can aid this condition. Without any candles there will be no light unless electricity is available. In many areas this will continue to act as artificial light. In other areas there will be only night. I'm not asking that these days be given any other attention than gathering light sources.

Clear the mind of disasters. No disasters are being predicted with this call to get yourself some answers for these days. No oil lamps around? Get other things that can be used if no electricity is working. If you have solar electric there will be no option but to have a back up solution. Many days without sun means the darkness can cause depression and anger. Instead, get calm and act like another day of darkness is no big deal. Wealth will be of no benefit, only acts of courage will matter. About one month of this will come to all of the continents. Can this be a time for deep inner attention?

Chaos may add an act of need for many. Are you able to remain calm? No additional call for this time beside getting lights in the homes and businesses that will need them. Grocery stores need light. Most have back-up generators. Are they the only businesses that do? If so, more need to get them. When will this occur? In one year and a bit more, not next week. But you can begin getting yourself ready to deal with the details.

When the contact of the news media is disrupted, or the Internet is not available, can you be courageous and decisive from your inner guidance? Are you able to determine your own decisions by the director inside? Calm will be the key to this ability. Panic will delete it.

A change of lifestyle for this time can also assist. Can you remain in your home or do you need outside activities to be happy? Not used to being at home? Get your home to be a place to love. And get all of your dreams about being completely taken care of out of your mind. No Galactic Federation craft will come to "do it for you".
What do we have to do to be more available to you during these dark days? Can

we be available to all of you? Of course we can. Are all of you able to

communicate with this realm? No. Can this dictation give you adequate cause to

open up this more than necessary ability? No one should be without the

Channeling Course I created. It is necessary to have the information it

contains, as being an open channel to the Master inside yourself is all the

contact that will be continued, and it will only come direct to those who can
hear it.
Only those who can activate their own light and pass it to another can assist.
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B. Magenta Pixie,chanelling The Council of Nine,is speaking about the 3 Days of Darkness.
During a conversation Magenta is asked about the prophecy of the Three Days of

Darkness. Here she conveys information she has received from "The Nine"

regarding this prophecy.

Watch Magenta,s video below.