Thursday, May 24, 2012

Laura Tyco – Message from God through TAUK 24 May 2012 – Your Role is to Show the Way by Example, Not a Forceful One

Laura Tyco Message from God through TAUK 24 May 2012Your Role is to Show the Way by Example, Not a Forceful One

The energies around planet Earth are blooming at this time, many of you feel an unprecedented inner peace and joy. This is due to the cosmic events you are going through. This sums up as a massive upgrade for your nervous and sensorial system. Many of you feel their inner light shining more than before, the sense of fear and anxiety has now left many of you for ever.
.For the vast majority of lightworkers your inner Sun is shining brighter that the Sun of your Solar System. From now on, it will no longer matter what the weather outside is like, since you will always have a deep connection with the Sun residing within your being.
.Even those who are not responding well to the current higher vibrations coming from above find an inexplicable inner peace. Whereas before they were fighting energies from positive origin, they are now genuinely opening up to the spiritual world.
.However there are still troubled souls among you, who still are unwilling to acknowledge their connection to all that is. Please consider your own well being, dear lightworkers, as well as being somewhat of a role model at this time for many confused people. Please ensure to clear the negative energies persisting in surrounding you whether from the unmaterial world, or from your own physical environment.
.The time for compassion for those around you is upon you, but please remember never to interfere with others free will and life plan. Your role is to show the way by example, not a forceful one. Do not seek to impose your will on those who have chosen to walk a different path from yours.
.I am God, channelled through Laura Tyco.
Laura Tyco