Friday, May 4, 2012

Frightening? Yes. Deceptive? No.

Chanelled by Aruna

Master S.Germain

What has been taught in these messages remains the light's answer to the deceptions leading most of mankind to a most dramatic end of their continents. Considerable care has been given to create the messages as information, rather than advice for advancing a moratorium on the energy of love that keeps the New Age movement uplifted instead of fearful. My channel has been carefully chosen. When we began to share these messages many decided they were not authentic because they did what most channeling does not: clearly declared the current conditions and how they must be countered at once. Can the Masters change the course of those life draining details which are making the land collapse into another contaminated container of death? No, we cannot, only the men, women and children who are alive today have an ability to change anything in the countries where they live. Are the Ascended Masters doing all we can? No, we can do a lot more, but only with human counterparts who can declare their desire to assist.See more.....