Sunday, April 8, 2012

SAINT GERMAIN : Food Diet Advises with Love.

Changing the diet need not be confusing. Allowing the natural mechanism of mind choosing what the body's needs, and not going against those needs, must take precedence over naming the "correct way" of eating according to one food guru or another. Most of these food advisers don't understand the most important information available on diet: the body "knows" what it needs and what it doesn't get good digestion from. Why keep making yourself ill over and over again when all you must do to avoid these diet aggravated symptoms is drop these foods from the menu. But what do you do? Give up other things instead because of food fads that are touted as good diets when they are not.

Low calorie diets are a disaster, as good nutrients are usually replaced with less nutrients along with less choices. One diet guru teaches no fat, another disaster, as all fats are not alike and good fats are needed for healthy bodies. Making up a fancy diet is not my goal. Good eating and mana combined will add to your functionality, not deliver you poor quality nutrition.