Thursday, April 5, 2012

Saint Germain :Ascension and Eating :Can you live without Eating ?

Are my messages getting too startling to accept? Was my call to eliminate dependency on man's digestive abilities too far from your mind's construct to agree? When my dear ones are able to give up eating they are ready to ascend. Now we are faced with controlled diets of the Monsanto kind. Are these foods more attractive than mana from heaven? Are Monsanto's growth channels going to mean the depletion of the human species? Most of the current diets in your dis-ease filled reality will include their content by the end of this year. Now, when soybeans and corn are eaten in most countries the death of good health begins.

Avoidance can no longer be maintained, because they have achieved world dominance. Only the loss of takers for what they produce can alter this situation. So, what you do regarding my alternative to their control is major. Rejecting a diet of altered components must be your intent if their dream is to be affected. Mouth-to-mouth guidance for deleting food all together is your means of countering death caused by this change to the genetic content of food.

Please consider how much you can enjoy life without eating. Many of you only live to eat.