Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ASHTAR COMMAND RESCUE MISSION : Last message of 4/4/2012

We would like to share with you some further details of what you can expect in the days ahead, and we feel that this should give you solace and peace of mind knowing that there is nothing at all to be worried about. Towards the last quarter of your year of 2012, towards the months of October, November and December, we foresee some Earth tremors which will cause some water damage to homes and businesses located within areas that are prone to flooding. These areas that we see as being prone to this kind of water damage include the state of Florida within the United States, the Southern California region of the United States, lowland areas of Northern Europe, and the area of South Asia.
What we plan to do is temporarily relocate those of you who reside within these areas to locations that are not susceptible at all to this kind of water damage...