Sunday, March 4, 2012

Masters Vywamus and S.Germain are saying :Can you stop the III WAR ?


Ascended Master Vywamus is Saying...

War is once again becoming an option that can cause the complete destruction of the US war machine and its dominance in world affairs. Are you ready to take on the darkest night ever? No? Then meditate to convince the names you know that light needs to be their goal instead of their current direction

                                   Ascended Master S.Germain - Lord of Civilisation - is SAYING.......

Syria and Russia are only distractions from what is happening in Iran and the United States. Choices about this war were made in the years of the Bush administration and can dramatize the loss of man's enjoyment of nature in all countries. What this could do is accelerate the lost control of the US into its complete demise. Wanting the country of Iran to be overturned is not a cause worth destroying the US for. But the light is not yet able to deter this from beginning. More meditators are needed! Can the light be more available through you?