Friday, March 30, 2012

GUIDANCE FOR ASCENSION Elijah is saying....(Messenger of God for Ascension) - S.Germain says....

Past memories - Fear - Negativity can be deleted
ELIJAH Message
I am the contact from God who delivers the answers for ascension. Change the controllers game by ascending their control. You can be free of their agenda with our new answers to the human call to ascend. We ask only for your request.

We can create a new answer to all of your negative concerns. Fears can be deleted, anger gone, and the managing control of your mental condition can also be deleted. Only open hearted attitudes can activate ascension, so letting go of negative chatter cannot be an option—it must go. Are you able to accept this offer?

When you are, tell us before going to another dream of the mind or another dream of the chooser of denial. Change is NOW......