Friday, February 10, 2012

- DAYS OF DARKNESS - :Return to Zero Point.

Ascended Master S.GERMAIN in one of his channelled messages in 2011 is explaining what the DAYS OF DARKNESS is all about.In some areas Days of Darkness can be for 3 days,and in some other areas can be from 3 days up to 7 days! The whole issue as is been degeed by the Greator,and is to be condacted by The Greator Himself,as is been decided millions of years ago.The chifting of Erth to the 5th Dimension, reguires the changing of THE PLANET,S MATRIX,meaning the complete changing of the Electomagnetic -All Energetic Fields of the Earth.IT IS NOTHING TO BE AFRAID on these Days.They advice all,just to be prepared and face it like a small Advendure!
It is stated,that there is a strong possibility,during these DAYS OF DARKNESS ,the Earth ,now located in the outskerts of our Galaxy,to be removed by THE ELOCHIMS ,to the center of our Galaxy,and nearer to the CENTRAL SUN .Follow the link below fo the full message for DAYS OF DARKNESS.
Watch the Magenta Pixie video.